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The solution
New technology from LindCom measures and reports the contents of tanks, silos and cooling systems and report measurements over the Internet.

In the future, companies within the agriculture, oil, and food industries will be able to obtain clear economic and environmental benefits by using a new reporting technology from LindCom. Each year, companies in these areas waste considerable resources to measure and fill the tanks and silos or control temperatures. Due to poor technology, today companies lack a clear overview of their storage facilities making it difficult to purchase the right amounts of raw commoditties at the right time to store and refill silos and oil tanks.

LindCom’s new full service IT reporting systsem optimizes corporate logistics for storage and distribution of commodities. Using a proven and safe technology companies can monitor and their holdings of tanks, silos etc round the clock via the Internet. Users receive ongoing information about the contents and conditions in tanks, silos and cold storage. If a silo is almost empty, the IT system will automatically alert the user that it is time to fill up the silo.

About LindCom
The company LindCom was started in 2005 and resides at Scion-DTU in Lyngby in a high-tech dynamic entrepreneurial environment. In 2007, LindCom conceptualized the company’s technology with capital from a fund, and in 2009 the company could present the first finished products ready for sale, and implementation.

In 2009, LindCom became a limited company.


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  1. Yuo may see the a video from Smartcamp Denmark on this link

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