A Silicon Valley Sampler

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Over the last couple of weeks we have been overwhelmed with the quantity and quality of applications for SmartCamp Silicon Valley: We randomly picked a number so demonstrate how broad the range of companies we are finding who ‘ring the Smart Planet bell’. We’ll been announcing the 5 soon. Stay tuned:

Mitochon provide a Free SaaS, and Cloud based integrated Health Information Exchange HIE), Electronic Medical Record (EMR), and Personal Health Record(PHR)to enable independent small physician practices to deliver integrated health care. They want to provide these roughly 600,000 small practices an affordable means to connect, collaborate and coordinate health care for the community they service.

CareCloud modernize the workflow in a medical practice by creating a digital – the platform helps larger medical practices boost productivity and increase collections by putting physicians in touch with each other across multiple points of care and giving them the tools to streamline their workflow and improve their overall efficiency

CitySourced is a real time mobile civic engagement platform. CitySourced provides a free, simple, and intuitive platform empowering people to identify civic issues (public safety, quality of life, & environmental issues) and report for quick resolution

Aquacue turns a standard water meter into a smart-meter in minutes so that you can detect leaks, conserve water and reduce water bills. They believe there are many segments and micro-segments in water use efficiency that are under served or not served at all due to the complexity, cost and time required to implement existing technology alternatives.

Streetline was founded to build smart cities with our state-of-the-art sensors. They network the City\’s often overlooked and most valuable assets, including their parking real estate and their traffic infrastructure. They provide Cities with real-time data to optimize operations, workforce management, public safety and revenue. They provide the public with smart applications that significantly improve quality of life, including finding parking, reducing congestion and bypassing City traffic. They can reduce the carbon footprint in a City by providing guidance (30% of drivers at any time are circling looking for parking).

Intelleflex provides extended capability Battery Assisted Passive (BAP) RFID technology that offers increased read range, tag memory, standards compatibility and security. Their new BAP technology offers companies visibility into their assets location and condition. Their product line focuses on the Cold Supply Chain, Aerospace, Yard Management and Reusable Transport Item (RTI) Verticals.

LegalPrise’s solution is a data warehouse of all foreclosure cases in the country so they may be cross-referenced by filer, bank, plaintiff, defendant, or other criteria. They believe their technology and processes will end the foreclosure crisis, keeping losses to a minimum and roofs above the heads of as many families as possible.

Majura engine utilizes the sophisticated techniques successfully implemented by credit card companies to flag suspicious transactions and avoid false positives on non-PC devices.

IFind provides real-time, full movement monitoring, traceability and authentication of livestock verifying that cattle products are not from deforested Amazon Rainforest land. They are developing the Wandering Shepherd Smart Tagging Ear Tag which provides real-time, full movement monitoring, traceability and authentication of livestock and wildlife by capturing GPS coordinates automatically and securely.


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