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3Strata Technologies believes there is a much smarter way to collate and store data on vaccines, such as travel vaccines when people are going to areas where typhoid and malaria, for example, are prevalent. Currently there is no joined up system that links doctors?x2019; surgeries with specialist vaccination clinics, and no way for travellers to check they are covered if their itinerary changes. With vaccines increasing in the control of diseases such as cancer, the company has come up with a way of gathering all the clinical data and storing it in one, accessible system.

A spin-off from Oxford University, ArkMobileFinance claims to be the first company in the world to come up with a way to find credit for people who do not have a bank account. Traditional credit bureau data is not available in emerging markets such as parts of Africa and Asia, so banks can only guess at which customers represent the biggest loan risks. However, mobile phone usage in these countries has been taken up at a staggering rate, and Ark has managed to link mobile phone behaviour patterns with loan repayment records, thereby giving people access to finance and helping the banks to manage risk.

Kinesense is based on work carried out by one of its founders during his PhD studies into video analytics. The company has developed a product that saves law enforcement agencies spending hours – and devoting expensive resources – to sifting through hours of CCTV footage during police investigations. The company focuses on video retrieval, search and analysis software for the security and law enforcement sector, and has already developed its first product. Visit the website .

Shaspa has developed solutions for the smarter home or workspace, enabling individuals or companies to improve their green credentials, while cutting costs. Its technology enables devices in the home to recognise when the family car is close, and will open the garage door and adjust the heating or air conditioning. It can also lock the front door automatically if the householder forgets on his or her way out, and can be used to monitor elderly relatives; blood pressure and heart rates.

Worldsensing is based in Barcelona and has developed some very small, robust sensors connected to small radios that can be connected to the Internet. The company estimates that urban motorists can spend up to 15 minutes searching for a place to park, but its technology gives real time information of space availability, so drivers can quickly grab a parking spot. Smart car parking information is also fed to the local authorities, so they can manage usage of city space better. Worldsensing?x2019;s devices are also targeted at the construction industry and as a way of detecting oil or gas through seismic sensoring.


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