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SmartCamp Semi-Finalists Announced
Posted: 21 Jun 2010 06:53 AM PDT
Last week saw the close of the selection phase for IBM’s SmartCamp competition, and the ten start-ups that will move on to the semi-finals have been selected. The semi-final will be held on June 24th, and the five start-ups most fitting IBM’s SmartPlanet initiative will compete for the right to represent Israel in the finals in November.

Joining the already announced Gnrgy and Panoramic Power are the following 8 start-ups:

TruMedia specializes in analyzing videos of human crowds, and transmitting multimedia content which fit the analyzed footage. Applications can include displaying commercials which address a particular audience, marketing networks who identify specific parameters for potential buyers, or information kiosks.

Greenlet Technologies is a start-up which specializes in energy consumption solutions for electrical products. Greenlet’s solution, which makes use of hardware which easily plugs into the electrical grid and various electrical products, combines analysis features of the amount of energy consumed by each product, the ability to control electrical flow into that device and a web-based application and dedicated databases which can be used to determine the correct energy consumption profiles for each device.

The fifth entry in the Israeli semi-finals is Joliper, a start-up which sets out to turn the cell phone into a mobile security center, and provides the ability to connect, through the mobile device, to cameras located anywhere in the world, and view their feed, no matter where you are, all through the cellular carrier network.

Xsights, is a start-up which provides image analysis technology and prides itself on its ability to identify any static object a cell phone camera is pointed at. That is, assuming one of Xsights users has already taken a picture of that object before and created a database link between that object (such as a url for a cinema) and the object picture he or she inputer (such as the façade of that cinema).

Blabbers is a company which provides a service that adds an extra layer of data linked to standard web-page addresses. Users will be able to add annotations, charts and even dedicated applications that will be linked to specific web-pages, and these add-ons will be available to other Blabbers users who surf to the same URL.

The start-up Fooducate offers an iPhone application which scans bar-codes on food products, connects to an external database which contains alternative information to that which the manufacturer provides on the packaging. The information provided includes alternative suggestions, which, according to Fooducate personnel, provide a healthier alternative.

eViglio is a start-up which provides a platform for emergency information dispersion. eViglio specializes in mass messaging a large crowd with urgent messages, according to geographic and demographic sects, and make use of a plethora of communication methods such as SMS, the internet and other mass communication channels.

Lastly, Way Better, is dedicating its efforts to improve modern cities’ transportation. Through a unique algorithm, the entrepreneurs promise to analyze the need for passenger transport and the transportation options available in the field, and identify the most efficient, and cheapest options available at any given moment. The company’s products, which are aimed at large public and private organization, large transport services and private clients who require transport services, strive to locate efficient and cheap “rides” from one location to another, all the while finding the most suitable driver and vehicle for the situation at hand, and connecting them with the passanger who will make the best use of the route.

If you’re involved in the start-up field, and active in work in the Israeli start-up relam, or working with a promising Israeli start-up, you are hereby invited to register to the upcoming SmarCamp event, where you will get some networking done, experience the five finalists’ presentations and hear lectures by IBM guests.


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