What do SmartCamp companies look like?

February 10, 2010 at 2:17 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

During 2009 we had a local SmartCamp in Dublin Ireland:  Here is an overview of the selected finalists

After a very busy week – including 22 interviews we have managed to narrow down a long list of applications to 5 exciting companies. Overall we were surprised and delighted with the quality of the responses and the pitches.

The finalists cover everything from cloud computing to forestry management, energy efficiency, waste management and social search.  

We also saw number of very early stage disruptive technologies which could transform traffic systems and help tackle some of the toughest challenges in mental health, microfinance and disease control. Hopefully, we have more to tell about these at future SmartCamps.

 So, the finalists for SmartCamp 2009:

 1. Cloudsplit – Dynamic Infrastructure Analysis http://www.cloudsplit.com/

CloudSplit offer a real time view on what is happening on your Amazon grid from a cost perspective

2. Green Diamond—Waste Management http://www.green-diamond-technologies.com/

Green Diamond provide cost-efficient green solutions for the environmental industry

3. Heystacks–Social Search http://www.heystaks.com

HeyStaks helps you and your friends to benefit from each other’s search experiences.

4. ResourceKraft-Energy Effiecency/management http://www.resourcekraft.com/

ResourceKraft supply highly sophisticated energy cost control systems – saving money and carbon

5. TreeMetrics-Forestry Management http://www.treemetrics.com/

Treemetrics optimise value recovery in forestry


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